Inspection Software Offers Thread Measurement Add-On

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New Product Announcements From: 7/1/2014 Production Machining, Edited by Jedd Cole 

George Products Company offers a thread measurement add-on to its Oasis inspection system, which instantly and simultaneously measures external dimensions on profile views of parts.

George Products Company offers a thread measurement add-on to its Oasis inspection system, which instantly and simultaneously measures external dimensions on profile views of parts. The software’s thread tool measures key components of thread geometry in less than a second, says the company, including major, minor and pitch diameters. Pitch distance as well as crest and root truncation are also included. The thread tool also works on 60-degree, V-form straight threads, and tolerances can be individually set for each characteristic measured. Other capabilities include threaded part sorting and thread identification in large batches. Inspection is said to achieve accuracies to ±0.0001″.

In operation, the inspected parameters display on the system monitor, which graphically shows the status of every component in traffic light colors: green indicates within tolerance, yellow indicates close to limits and red indicates out of tolerance. Dimensions can be saved in the inspection report spreadsheet or imported in real time to SPC (statistical process control). Alternatively, the thread tool suits in-process thread production monitoring.

MD&M East 2014

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We had a great time at MD&M East 2014. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to learn more about the OASIS Inspection System! Here are some of the pictures from our booth.








New Language options for the OASIS coming in Fall 2014

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OASIS-language-option-menuDue to our continued expansion outside of the United States the OASIS Inspection System will be available in both German and Spanish languages by Fall 2014. As we continue to expand our reach we will add additional languages into the software.


Jeff Palmer, Sales Manager for George Products Company states, “This is an exciting addition. This makes the OASIS user friendly for our international customer. We strive to continuously improve our inspection system”.


Users will be able to go into their OASIS Inspection System and select preference and choose a default language from the drop down menu as shown below.

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Computer Monitor


Join us Friday, May 16th at 1 PM EST for our 7 minute OASIS webinar. We will demonstrate how much time and money our system can save you.

Webinar Details:

Learn how to streamline your inspection process while increasing output. Gain knowledge on key elements of the OASIS Inspection System


You will learn about:

     Creating a part program

   Navigating the tool menu

   Best Practices

Space is limited so sign up now!



OASIS Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions

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View our newly published top ten frequently asked questions guide. This document will answer many of your OASIS questions as well as help you understand the capabilities of our machine.

Below are some of the questions you will see answered in this document:


Q. What is the calibration process?


Q. Can the OASIS measure threads?

Q. Can the OASIS measure concentricity and run out?


Click here to access the newly published FAQ Guide.








We will be displaying the OASIS at M D & M East 2014

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George Products Company displays their OASIS Inspection System at MD & M East 2014


Middletown, DE—-April 22, 2014—-George Products Company will be exhibiting their line of OASIS Inspection Systems as a first time participant at M D & M East at the Javits Center in New York June 10-12, 2014.


MDM-press-release-pic-IIOASIS Inspection Systems are used by precision parts manufacturers to inspect all of the external dimensions on their parts. Part dimensions are displayed instantly and simultaneously to an accuracy of +/- .0001” The ability to measure parts this quickly and accurately greatly reduces the time and cost of 100% inspection requirements. Precision optics enable the system to measure small components providing numerous applications for the medical device industry.



Medical Applications


With the premium software add-on module the OASIS Inspection System can quickly measure thread features such as thread lead, major, minor, and pitch diameters as well as crest and root truncation on Unified and ISO threads.

By offering different Fields of View OASIS can measure even your smallest micro machined parts such as medical and dental blanks, implants, screws and pins with ease. Dimensions including height, diameter, radii and taper  can be included in part programs.  With the on-screen display OASIS instantly shows where your dimensions are within the specified tolerance range. If your dimension is within tolerance the status bar will display green, out-of-tolerance will display red and a warning of yellow will display if dimensions are in tolerance but getting too close to the low or high end of the tolerance range.  All of the data is saved into a report that can be printed and/or stored for future reference.


The OASIS line will be displayed at MD & M East June 10-12, 2014 and is available for shipment immediately.


About The Author

In business since 1951, George Products Company is the manufacturer of the OASIS Elite, Core, Dual, and Core X2 inspection systems.


For press inquiries please contact:

Kelley Simmons

George Products Company

(302) 449-0199


For product inquires please contact:

Jeff Palmer

George Products Company

(302) 449-0199





Free Software 4.0 Update is available to OASIS users

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New4.0reportingGeorge Products Company announces the release of software version 4.0 for their industry leading inspection system. This free software update offers many new functional and visual improvements. Feature highlights include reporting customization’s to the logo and header, bar code scanner capabilities, and increased search functionality.


Exponentially increasing the machines capability, overall length can now be measured outside of the standard field of view using the OASIS file linking feature. Now larger parts can be flipped to acquire every feature along the length of the part.


Part programs can be accessed faster than ever with an increased number of frequently used files. Other search enhancements include instant access to part programs with the use of your barcode scanner. Additionally, Gage R & R reporting has been included in the new release thanks to customer feedback and input. Now users can produce their own statistical data analysis anytime on their machine.


Visually improving the reporting, part outlines have been added to easily reference measurements. Customizations can now be added to the report header including company information and branding.


Software V4.0 is now available for shipment with new OASIS models as well as a free upgrade to all existing OASIS owners.


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